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Smart winter clothing will protect you from injuries in case of a fall.

Suggested Winter Clothing
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Most injuries to fallers who required transport by ambulance are head injuries. Protect your head by wearing a hat, preferably a heavy woolen one that can absorb impact. A hat that covers your ears also helps to keep you warm.



Putting your hands in your pockets reduces your ability to react, thus increasing your risk of injurious fall. Wear gloves when going out. Choose warm waterproof ones made from leather or polyester and lined with furry material. For the best protection, wear gloves that extend to cover the wrist.



Your choice of footwear is the key to avoiding a fall. The residents of snowy regions wear non-slip shoes in winter. You could purchase such shoes upon arriving in Sapporo, or if you’re traveling for only a few days, you can use non-slip attachments that easily mount on your shoes. These are sold at department stores, supermarkets and shoe stores in downtown Sapporo. Non-slip attachments also are available at souvenir shops at New Chitose Airport, newsstands and convenience stores.


Safe Walking
in Winter.

Learn tips on the ways of walking safely on snowy roads, which protect you from a fall.


You should be alert against a fall at slippery locations.

Walking Behavior Most Likely to Result in a Fall

Pay attention to avoid such ways of walking on snowy roads.

Leaflets with Tips for Overseas Travelers on Safe Walking in Winter

Enjoy sightseeing safely, carrying those pocketable leaflets with you. They include useful information to prevent a fall.


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