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Pay attention to avoid such ways of walking on snowy roads.


Walking Behavior Most Likely to Result in a Fall


- Hurrying can cause you to be less vigilant about where you’re stepping. And if you do happen to fall, you’ll hit the ground extra hard. Walk one step at a time, taking your time.

2.Walking drunk

- Being drunk lowers your agility and alertness, and increases the likelihood of an injurious fall.

3.Walking without paying attention to your footing

- Letting your attention wander, such as by talking on your mobile phone, looking at a map, or watching the scenery, raises your risk of falling.

4.Walking with both hands full

- Such walking makes it difficult to react in the event of a slip, so you’re more prone to an injurious fall. If you start to lose your balance, you’ll be able to regain it better if your hands are free.

Safe Walking
in Winter.

Learn tips on the ways of walking safely on snowy roads, which protect you from a fall.


You should be alert against a fall at slippery locations.

Winter Clothing

Smart winter clothing will protect you from injuries in case of a fall.

Leaflets with Tips for Overseas Travelers on Safe Walking in Winter

Enjoy sightseeing safely, carrying those pocketable leaflets with you. They include useful information to prevent a fall.


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