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Learn tips on the ways of walking safely on snowy roads, which protect you from a fall.

Remember these four tips for safe walking.

1.Take short steps.

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- When the road looks icy, keep your stride short and your steps slow. Taking long strides forces you to walk on your toes and heels, rather than on your whole sole.

2.Keep your whole sole in contact with the ground.

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- At slippery intersections and crosswalks, try this: shuffle along with short steps, keeping your feet as flat against the road as possible.

3.Take your time.

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- No matter how much you know about walking on winter roads, you may forget it when you’re pressed for time. The most basic precaution is to avoid rushing. Allow extra time for those winter delays.


- Taking your time allows you to pay attention to the road surface condition, which lowers your risk of falling.


4.When you start walking or change your pace, watch your step.

- When you start walking again after stopping at a crosswalk or when you abruptly speed up or slow down, extra attention is required.



You should be alert against a fall at slippery locations.

Walking Behavior Most Likely to Result in a Fall

Pay attention to avoid such ways of walking on snowy roads.

Winter Clothing

Smart winter clothing will protect you from injuries in case of a fall.

Leaflets with Tips for Overseas Travelers on Safe Walking in Winter

Enjoy sightseeing safely, carrying those pocketable leaflets with you. They include useful information to prevent a fall.


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